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Aussies’ got milk

Aussies’ got milk

24 May 2016

SOME of the country’s most recognisable faces have joined forces in a call-to-arms campaign in support of Australia’s dairy farmers.

Athletes, actors, presenters and politicians have posed with a milk-stache (a moustache made of milk) urging Australians to buy more locally produced milk and send a message of support to our dairy farmers.

Dairy Australia spokeswoman Glenys Zucco said the News Corp campaign — putting a modern spin on America’s famous Got Milk? campaign from the mid-’90s — was a huge encouragement to the industry.

“Recent ABS data has shown all Australians need an extra serve of dairy each day. Adding a daily serve of milk, cheese or yoghurt — and making sure it’s Australian — will boost your health and support our farmers and regional communities,” she said.

“It’s wonderful to see celebrities getting behind this campaign and using their influence to inspire Australians to support the dairy industry.”

PETER HELLIAR Comedian “I guess sometimes city dwellers aren’t fully aware of the plight of our friends in the country and this is a great opportunity to let them know they have our support.”

Show your support for the dairy farmers by sharing your milk-stache on social media and using the hashtag #MilkMo

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