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The Azzura Story

Over 30 years ago Nick and Rey Odorisio worked tirelessly to create the Azzura Gelati brand of premium ice cream for Western Australia to enjoy.  Appropriately named after the Italian yacht competing in the America’s Cup Yacht Race that was won by Australia that year (1996) and put Fremantle on the map.  With its origins in Fremantle, Azzura Gelati ice cream has been a favourite of locals and a much wider audience, having very successfully won a Grand Champion award at the Australian Grand Dairy Awards with one of their many specially products, not to mention all of the years of awards, accolades and friendships that Nick and Rey have formed and achieved over the many years of being significant contributors to the WA food industry.

Late in 2015 Bannister Downs were very fortunate to be offered the opportunity to take on the baton from Nick and Rey and continue to produce quality ice cream with care and enjoyment.  Nick and Rey kindly provided many hours of assistance, guidance and patience while we have been learning the ‘ice cream ropes’ and it is very clear that the passion and commitment that they have for the WA Dairy Industry, Azzura Gelati and the future is just as strong as it was the day they made the decision to start their business.

We are very pleased to initially introduce our “Carnivale” range which was named to reflect the fun and happiness of enjoying ice cream with friends and family.  With five great flavours everyone is sure to find their favourite. Look out for our 1 litre pails at your local dairy freezer.  All of the Azzura ice creams are made using 100% fresh milk and cream from our Northcliffe dairy farm.  We have more flavours coming out soon as well as the ‘Premium’ range for adult indulgence.

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Fun Fact

Like all new businesses, we had our doubts in the early days, but we also had support from our team, the industry and our community - we chose to be courageous.

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