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Construction update: November

Construction update: November

30 November 2017
As we approach the end of a very busy year the construction of our Creamery is nearing completion and certainly reflects the amazing 3D vision of Bosske Architecture and their deep understanding of what we really value.
There is stainless steel everywhere as GEA are well underway with the installation of our processing equipment which will be ready (at this stage) to start trialling some milk processing during March 2018.
Our De Laval AMR dairy platform is installed and now the focus in this area will be concreting and cool panel installation before we begin to position our milking robots early in 2018.
This week most of our services are going into place (air compressors, generators and boilers) and next week we will have power to the whole site and be able to give the generator a well deserved rest.
One of the most special features of our Creamery is its façade and its installation commenced earlier this month.  It is very good to see ‘her’ start to get ‘dressed up’ and we are sure that when this is completed she is going to look very special (you can see the ‘chilli’ red panels at the left hand of the front view of the Creamery).
It is a hive of activity in the few weeks before Christmas and very exciting to see everything coming together so well – we can’t wait to move in!  The Perkins team and all of their sub- contractors (some of which have been temporary residents of Northcliffe for more than 12 months now) will be looking forward to a very well deserved Christmas break with their families.
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