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Creamery Official Launch

Creamery Official Launch

8 October 2018

On Friday 5th October 2018, just over two years since the site earthwork preparations commenced, Mrs Gina Rinehart along with Mat and Sue Daubney were very excited to hold an official Launch Event to celebrate the achievement of Bannister Downs Creamery facility and thank all of those who made it possible.

It was wonderful to see the wide range of people travelling from great distances to come together on this evening and recognise the hard work of so many to achieve this outstanding end result.  Special mention was made of Caroline and Andrew of Bosske Architecture, the creators of the incredible design of The Creamery as well as Perkins Builders who then had the challenge to bring the design to life and did so extremely well.

It was a proud moment to share and all of the guests were very impressed with this beautiful building and were fascinated watching the De Laval AMR robotic dairy in action.

Mat and Sue were pleased to be able to formally acknowledge the significant contribution that Mrs Rinehart has made to this next stage of Bannister Downs Dairy by forming a partnership with them in 2014 and also for her friendship, support and encouragement, which gives them more courage to consider the future of Bannister Downs on the scale that it can now aspire to.

The award winning facility is fitted out with technology that is leading global standards and achieves the highest standard of product quality, as well as providing the ultimate care of the dairy herd (including massage brushes while they wait to be milked) and environmental sustainability with the Ecolean packaging systems installed.

Every aspect of The Creamery has been considered in pursuit of excellence and whilst we are completing the commissioning of some remaining equipment, we are very pleased with the end result.

Following on from a viewing gallery, The Creamery will include an onsite café which is expected to be completed and ready to invite visitors sometime in early 2019.

Photo Credits: The Creamery - Peter Bennett, Cows - Sitevisuals

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