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Hope Dairies Partner

Hope Dairies Partner

22 December 2014

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Bannister Downs Dairy is now entering its 10th year of production in 2015 and currently processing weekly volumes way beyond the capacity of its original, modest facility. As we have a very bold vision to be the Global Leaders in Ethical Dairy we have been planning for the future of Bannister Downs for a number of years. We recognised in 2014 that with our expectations of what needed to be achieved, we would be spending the next 20 years trying to fund this project via a stressful string of ongoing bank debts.

We made the decision that the time was right to find an Australian partner who shared the same vision as ourselves around the importance of producing only the highest standard of fresh milk products, coupled with valuing animal welfare and transparent, ethical business practices.

For the above reasons, we have been very fortunate to find a strong Western Australian partner able to provide assistance to our shared business due to their experience, resources and extreme confidence in our industry, as well as a passion for agriculture and rural communities.

We are very pleased to share with you the news that the newly formed Hope Dairies (WA) (a subsidiary of Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd), has invested in Bannister Downs and we now enter 2015 as partners with a very solid business plan to create a wonderful facility to produce only the finest fresh milk products in the world.

Hope Dairies believes in Bannister Downs – its people, its products and its place. Mrs Rinehart has strong lifelong connections agriculture, rural communities and their people, we look forward to welcoming her to our Southern Forests Region.

Whilst Hope Dairies is keenly interested and invested in Bannister Downs, day-to-day business is ‘as usual’ and our business model will continue, just in a strengthened form. The future for Bannister Downs is very exciting as we can commence construction of our state of the art ‘Creamery Complex’ showcasing robotic milking through to dispatch of our fresh milk products, all on display via an overhead viewing gallery and welcoming visitors to come and enjoy.

It is a perfect outcome where we can remain a family owned business in long term partnership with another Western Australian business family, and together we can achieve great things for our community and our industry, whilst growing a company built on the principles of agricultural and industry sustainability. We are very positive about the future for Bannister Downs Dairy and the many ways it is going to be able to make a difference – it is wonderful to be part of such a success story with a huge opportunity ahead of it.

We thank you all for your support, encouragement and for believing in us – the many conversations we have with you are really significant in building our confidence and our desire to try harder.

Warm wishes to everyone for a very safe and happy Christmas time and a relaxing and enjoyable summer ahead,

Mat & Sue

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