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Extraordinary Ice Cream – from our family to yours.

We are excited to announce our range of ice cream flavours, blending the amazing Azzura brand with Bannister Downs Dairy milk products.

Hop on board with the fun flavours of Azzura’s Carnival Celebration of freshly made ice cream from our South West.  All ice cream is made with Bannister Downs Dairy milk products.

These flavours will gradually come on line – keep a look out for them as they are released.

Azzura – Vanilla Ice Cream

Celebrating the freedom of light smooth vanilla – our obsession, your delight.

Azzura – Bubblegum Ice Cream

Dance to the bass drum with delightful bubblegum blended ice cream.

Azzura – Banana Ice Cream

Go crazy with banana mania.  Smooth creamy ice cream boosted with banana – BAM!

Azzura – Passionfruit Ice Cream

Party with fresh and fruity passionfruit blended with creamy ice cream.

Azzura – Chocolate Ice Cream

Creamy milk chocolate in grand lip-smacking style.  Join the chocolate craze.

Azzura – Lemon Sorbet

Lively – Luscious – Luxurious.  So lovely


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