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Milk Supply Update

Milk Supply Update

4 February 2015

Just now our last load of produce left for Perth, and we will not be able to do any further processing until the fire has passed or is under control, due to safety of team members.

Unfortunately we may not be able to provide our products to many of our over 550 customers, but we will do our best to share available stock around until fresh stock is available (hopefully Monday morning).  We appreciate your patience and understanding and please trust that we have done our very best to supply right until the last minute.

In order to co-operate with all authorities responsible for the fire it is necessary for us to shut down now, and have everyone leave the premises where possible.

We are very grateful for the amazing resources and personnel that have been provided to assist our town and community to deal with such an immensely dangerous situation.

For any wholesale customers wanting to place orders please do so via email – and we will do our best to assist.  We may not have phone communication if the situation worsens, but we will have access to this email at all times.

General enquiries - If you do need to get in touch with us, please be aware that we are trying to keep our phone lines open for emergency internal communications, and we do not know how long we will have phone services for, however you can email and we will endeavour to respond, but we are down to a single person in admin and have a  fair few balls to juggle.

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