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Presenting the Hand in Hand Project

Presenting the Hand in Hand Project

30 October 2014

Bannister Downs presents its ‘Hand in Hand Project’ to the Community

Early in 2013 the Management of Bannister Downs recognised a desire to provide an opportunity for local clubs, groups and individuals needing some financial support for their events and/or activities – and the ‘Bannister Downs Hand in Hand Project’ was born.

Since this time money has been saved on a monthly basis to grow the ‘fund’ and Bannister Downs now has the opportunity to make this available via an application process that is simple and available to everyone in our community.

Sue Daubney states, ‘it is important to encourage people to contact us and apply for funds if they have an event, project or idea that would be of benefit to the community within the Shire of Manjimup.  We have always felt that most grant processes are too complicated and too competitive for many volunteer groups, as they are open to the whole of WA at a minimum.  We saw an opportunity to offer something back to our community that was very ‘attainable’ and easy to apply for.’

While starting with a small annual funding budget, it is hoped that the Hand in Hand Project will eventually realise a significant value as it grows with the main business activities of Bannister Downs Dairy, and becomes a great opportunity for the community over the long term.

Find out more by visiting the Hand in Hand page here.

Read Media Release for the Hand in Hand Project:

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