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Transformation begins

Transformation begins

2 September 2016

It has been a very long journey since we decided (in 2011) that we needed to build a new facility so that our team could be really proud of their environment and we could grow our business safely and remain totally focused on our product quality.
After committing to our design stage by appointing Bosske Architecture in January 2015 – we finally went to tender for our Project Builder and in May 2016, were very pleased to engage Perkins Builders of Bunbury as our Head Contractor.
Our project design has been intensely under review since this time and everything has been triple checked and some opportunities for improvement found.  We are now unbelievably excited to see September 6th mark day one on site and from hereon in Bannister Downs Dairy will physically transform into a beautiful facility that we can be very proud of and also able to welcome visitors to come and see and enjoy a coffee at our new café.
Please join us on our journey with monthly updates of our progress and I am sure that December 2017 will be here before we blink !
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Fun Fact

Like all new businesses, we had our doubts in the early days, but we also had support from our team, the industry and our community - we chose to be courageous.