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What happens to your calves when they are born?
Our calves all remain with their mothers for a minimum of 48 hours so they receive a good feed of colostrum, before their mums head off to be part of the dairy herd. We then hand raise all of our calves.
We have automatic calf feeding stations with daily volume limits so they don’t make themselves sick by over-drinking. However, our calves can come and drink small amounts as frequently as they like and their milk is warmed up for them too. We only use fresh cow’s milk from the daily morning milking to feed our babies instead of re-constituted milk powder.
It's an adorable sight seeing the calves running and playing together. They have a natural herd instinct so they are very happy to be surrounded by so many of their brothers and sisters and they love it when their human carers come to check on them, especially when there’s food in tow!
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Fun Fact

Like all new businesses, we had our doubts in the early days, but we also had support from our team, the industry and our community - we chose to be courageous.

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