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Why Bannister Downs?

Bannister Downs Farm has been in our family for nearly a century and the way we feel about the farm, town and community is very special. It’s a strong, intangible feeling of connection to the land, the environment and its people.

We see dairy farming as our calling, something we’re made to do, and that is why we take so much care to ensure we’re having a positive impact on our farm, our girls and our natural surroundings.

We aim to make our milk the best we can every day. We don’t tolerate short cuts or measuring how fast something can be done. Those things aren’t what we’re about.

When Bannister Downs milk leaves our property in the truck every afternoon, it is only hours after it has been freshly milked from the cow that morning. That’s as fresh as it gets!

We don’t add anything. When we talk about the best product we think about what we want our children to be eating. We look to avoid things like colours, preservatives, stabilisers, thickeners, gelatine, or any additives whatsoever.

Our girls are family. It may sound strange, but just like any dog, cat, hamster, or rabbit can be part of your family - our cows, are part of ours. We know every cow, their heritage and family history. It’s a big responsibility to manage the individual needs of our girls, but we believe that is what makes our Farm special.

These values define who we are, because we love dairy farming and we want to build a strong legacy of ethical milking, sustainable farming and best practice animal welfare.

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Fun Fact

Like all new businesses, we had our doubts in the early days, but we also had support from our team, the industry and our community - we chose to be courageous.

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