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Milking continues at Bannister Downs - COVID-19 statement

Milking continues at Bannister Downs - COVID-19 statement

23 March 2020

Amid evolving business restrictions surrounding the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Daubney family and the team at Bannister Downs Dairy are pleased to be able to reassure our customers that milking continues at Bannister Downs.

While the people of the world are anxious about the next stages of this pandemic, Our Girls are keeping calm and carrying on as only dairy cows can. Day-to-day life at Bannister Downs Farm is business as usual (though there is more hand sanitiser in our utes) and Our Girls aren’t going to let Coronavirus prevent them from their daily milking routine.

Milking, processing, packaging and delivery continues to go ahead daily here at Bannister Downs and we are doing our best to keep up with demand from across WA.

What our people are doing -

Standards of hygiene at Bannister Downs Dairy have been front of mind since well before this pandemic as we are in the business of processing and packaging high quality, fresh and flavoursome milk. This means our onsite workplace procedures have not changed.

We are adopting all government recommendations with regard to social distancing and prevention measures at our farm and dairy. We have also closed our site to all non-essential visitors, meaning our viewing gallery and café, The Kitchen Table, have been closed for the foreseeable future.

Our Bannister Downs delivery drivers are on the frontline of our business and we are providing them with every support we can to ensure they make their deliveries safely and trust that our customers are also taking all precautions at their end during this time.

Do I need to stockpile milk ?

We recommend buying your Bannister Downs milk as per your usual routine.

Our Girls need to be milked every day which means our processing must continue as normal - we won’t stop bringing fresh milk to our customers as per normal.  Our Ecolean pouches are freezer-friendly should you need to stock up, but we think fresh dairy is always best and we do not support panic buying.

Where can I buy Bannister Downs Dairy products ?

Our website has a ‘milk finder’ search function which allows for you to search for our products by your postcode or suburb.

If your local store has run out of Bannister Downs products, be sure more is on the way! We are doing our best to assist our retail outlets to keep their fridges stocked as they are dealing with an un-precedented level of demand and activity.  If your local store doesn’t already stock Bannister Downs please place your request with the store manager for your favourite Bannister Downs Dairy fresh product.

Looking forward -

The team at Bannister Downs is monitoring the global situation as it develops and will make necessary decisions as appropriate.

Putting a halt to deliveries of our Bannister Downs Dairy products is our absolute last resort and thankfully at this stage we do not anticipate this occurring and have no advice to indicate this is at all likely.

We will provide further information to our customers regarding our supply if there are any changes to our operations or deliveries in the future.

The Daubney family and the team at Bannister Downs Dairy would like to thank all of their customers and supporters for their continued purchasing of our local dairy products in this difficult time and our hearts go out, in particular, to those in our community who have been impacted personally or professionally by Coronavirus.


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