Our 15-year-long partnership with the world leader in sustainable packaging, Ecolean satisfies a critical goal in our aspiration to be leaders in ethical and sustainable dairy.

At Bannister Downs Dairy, we’ve always prioritised innovation and sustainability within our business, and we were delighted to partner with like-minded Ecolean and Visy who have helped us bring something eco-friendly to the dairy packaging options on supermarket fridges in Australia.

When we first partnered with the Sweden-based company Ecolean, Bannister Downs was extremely proud to be the first milk processing facility in the Southern Hemisphere to implement the cutting-edge packaging system they offer, which has continued to develop and innovate ever since.

We have also added local manufacturer’s Visy to our packaging partners, for our eco-plastic 2 litre bottles. 

Read on for more information of each of these two companies helping us minimise packaging waste.


Our Pouches

Our partnership with Ecolean, a world leader in sustainable packaging, satisfies a critical goal in our aspiration to be leaders in ethical and sustainable dairy.

Bannister Downs and Ecolean have been in partnership for more than 15 years, bringing our fresh products to consumers in lightweight, flexible and easy-storage packaging with a reduced carbon footprint.

Ecolean packaging is made from 35% crushed limestone, which means a significantly lower plastic content. It also creates a better flavour, thanks to the natural composition of the Ecolean packaging. Once empty, our eco-friendly packaging can be recycled, burnt safely, or returned to landfill to naturally breakdown.

We are proud of our partnership with Ecolean because their dedication to honesty and transparency aligns with our own commitments and they, like us, believe in what they do. With an emphasis on the whole life cycle impact, from raw material to product end of life, we believe Ecolean shows great leadership. Environmental impact guides for Ecolean products are available on their website.

At Bannister Downs Farm, caring for our environment is front of mind every day because we know that we all need a healthy planet to thrive. We extend that philosophy beyond the farm gate because we believe in doing our part to reduce our foot- (and hoof!) print where we can.


Our 100% Recycled Bottles

We’ve listened to your feedback and now have a 2 litre bottle option in our fresh milk range which also meets our key priority to reduce packaging waste.

Our 2 litre 100% recycled bottle is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to enjoy our premium fresh milk in larger volumes. The 2 litre bottle, produced by Visy in Australia, is made from 100% recycled plastics which have been collected from household and commercial recycling waste and then remade into food grade milk bottles. Even better, once you have finished with your Visy bottle you can return it to the recycling program through your usual kerbside recycling collection.

Reducing future production of virgin plastics is a global challenge and we strongly feel that by using only existing plastics, which are then also fully recyclable after use, we are offering a great solution for everyone. Minimising packaging waste has always been a focus at Bannister Downs Dairy, and finding a local team to partner with has additional benefits, as we support local manufacturing and local jobs. As a proudly West Australian owned and operated business, we are very excited to be the first dairy to bring milk in a 2 Litre bottle, made from 100% recycled material, to Australia’s shelves.

Visy is one of Australia’s largest recycling company, and partners with councils across Australia to process approximately 40 per cent of Australia’s kerbside recycling bins. For more information on Visy’s integrated solutions view their website

Every single decision we make is about ensuring that we offer premium fresh dairy products with all aspects considered, as we strive to achieve our goals for ethical dairy.


Ecovadis Sustainability Rating

Ecolean has been recognised as a leading sustainability company – in the top 1% of 75,000 assessed companies from over 200 industries in 2021 & 2022

Their sustainability activities and performance are aligning with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and are reported annually in the Ecolean Sustainability Report.


Ecovadis top 1% recognition


PIDA award
PIDA award
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