Bannister Downs Dairy achieves top results for nearly every protein category with proven nutritional benefits

For more than 18 months Bannister Downs Dairy has worked closely with the research team from the Food Science and Nutrition Centre at Murdoch University, to investigate the health benefits of the leading milks in WA, with the over-arching goal to promote the important role that milk has in a balanced and nutritious diet.

The research project began with a focus on the protein profile of each milk in the study and Bannister Downs Dairy achieved top results for just about every protein category with proven nutritional benefits.

The standouts for the Bannister Downs milk were high levels of key peptides such as lactoferrin, which was double that of the average lactoferrin levels in WA milk, beta-casein A2, monosaturated fatty acids, cows milk fat (anti-carcinogenic properties) and a lower level of the undesirable saturated fatty acids.

Continuing research is currently underway to look further into the vitamin and mineral profile of the milks as well as including some milk brands from the eastern states in the study comparisons. Early results in 2023 confirm that Bannister Downs milk has a naturally occurring high level of Calcium (20% above the average level for full cream milk) to increase bone strength and very high levels of Zinc (200% above the expected level for full cream milk) and Iron (500% above the expected level for full cream milk).

Bannister Downs is owned by the Daubney Family in partnership with HPPL, led by its Executive Chairman, Mrs Gina Rinehart AO, and their business relationship, spanning close to a decade, is strong as their shared priority around animal welfare and wellbeing means that there is a solid alignment in their values, and the care of their cattle is paramount.

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The Research Results

Staff from Murdoch University examined the milk from six WA dairy farms, assessing levels of vitamin B12, B2, calcium, and a protein called lactoferrin, among others.

Associate Professor Vicky Solah said Bannister Downs Dairy in Northcliffe had the highest level of B12 and also ranked in the top two for calcium levels.

Dr Solah believes farm management and herd behaviour play a major role in overall milk quality.

"I think the management of the farm is really important for all sorts of quality aspects," she said.

"Healthy cows produce a good product … and the cows there don't produce a huge volume per day."

"Also the understanding that they do low, slow pasteurisation, I think that's also a good thing."

Dr Solah said most dairies pasteurised at 72 to 80 degrees Celsius, while Bannister Downs pasteurised at 66.6C for five minutes.

Bannister Downs managing director Sue Daubney said the results, and the potential for additional study, were exciting.

"Ever since we started producing our milk we've been curious to find out if there is something different or special about it and, if so, get to the bottom of it," she said.

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The importance of Lactoferrin:  “Lactoferrin has been shown to be involved in several physiological and protective functions, including regulation of iron absorption in the bowel; antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities, which are the most widely studied function to date.”


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