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Creamery Construction
11 September 2019

With great pride and delight we received the news that The Creamery has been selected in the 2019 Dezeen Award Longlist - an international celebration of the world's best architecture, interiors and design. 

8 October 2018

On Friday 5th October 2018, just over two years since the site earthwork preparations commenced, Mrs Gina Rinehart along with Mat and Sue Daubney were very excited to hold an official Launch Event to celebrate the achievement of Bannister Downs Creamery facility and thank all of those who made it possible.

16 August 2018

After a long journey we are finally in the transition of moving into our new Creamery.  We started this ‘shift’ over the Easter weekend and have been meeting the challenges of change each day as we settle in.  We are very excited to finally be enjoying this wonderful new space and our production team are learning a lot as we get familiar with new equipment and systems.

Very shortly we will be commissioning the AMR (milking robots) and that is sure to have a whole range of challenges, but we look forward to every one of them!

30 November 2017
As we approach the end of a very busy year the construction of our Creamery is nearing completion and certainly reflects the amazing 3D vision of Bosske Architecture and their deep understanding of what we really value.
There is stainless steel everywhere as GEA are well underway with the installation of our processing equipment which will be ready (at this stage) to start trialling some milk processing during March 2018.
6 June 2017

The Bannister Downs Dairy team are excited to provide another update of the Creamery Construction project.

27 March 2017

The Bannister Downs Dairy team are excited to provide another update of the Creamery Construction project.  It is all starting to take shape!

2 November 2016

Aerial photo of the new Creamery construction.

2 September 2016
It has been a very long journey since we decided (in 2011) that we needed to build a new facility so that our team could be really proud of their environment and we could grow our business safely and remain totally focused on our product quality. After committing to our design stage by appointing Bosske Architecture in January 2015 – we finally went to tender for our Project Builder and in May 2016, were very pleased to engage Perkins Builders of Bunbury as our Head Contractor.
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Fun Fact

Like all new businesses, we had our doubts in the early days, but we also had support from our team, the industry and our community - we chose to be courageous.

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