MEDIA RELEASE | WA gets 100% recycled milk bottles

BDD Christmas Party 2023

BDD Christmas Party 2023

WA-based Bannister Downs Dairy has partnered with Visy to adopt 2-litre plastic milk bottles made from 100 per cent recycled plastics and collected from recycling programs.

The bottles were launched at the company’s Christmas party, attended by co-owner, Gina Rinehart, where the team got to see their first view of Farm Fresh and All Lite Milk in the new 2-litre recycled plastic bottle.

Bannister Downs says that with over 80 per cent of fresh milk in Australia sold in 2-litre plastic bottles, there has been a constant demand for a larger packaging format. However, it was important that any solution met the business’ priorities to reduce waste and minimise new plastic.

The 2-litre bottle produced by Visy uses material already in existence and claims to be 100 per cent recycled.  Its unique shape with a side grip handle is also attributed to the recycled plastics. Managing director Sue Daubney said that many will find this side grip more user-friendly, particularly anyone with a small impairment to their hands. 

“Our new bottle looks quite different on the shelf and it has a very different side grip handle to what people are used to. But to me, this difference reinforces the benefits of this wonderful bottle and that it is produced through an authentic recycling program,” she said.

Rinehart was pleased to share that the supply partnership is with an Australian company, saying it means that Bannister Downs is further supporting local manufacturing and local jobs, and is something that is very critical at this time of economic disruption.

“In this instance, Visy have been able to produce this excellent packaging from their WA-based facility in Forrestfield. I especially like their side handle for usage,” Rinehart said.

For the complete lifecycle benefits, the company says the empty bottle is able to be disposed of in the usual kerbside recycling collection, where it may once again be returned for another lap through the recycling system.

Daubney said, “it will cost a little bit more, because all good things do. There are higher costs in producing the recycled material than a standard bottle, but we value not adding new plastic to the planet and believe that our customers will too.”

Anthony Pratt, Visy executive chairman commented, “We are proud to partner with Bannister Downs Dairy to take used plastic packaging, like water bottles, and turn them into new plastic milk bottles made from 100 per cent recycled content, right here in Australia.”

“We’re in the landfill avoidance business which is good for the environment.”

At the event, Mrs Rinehart shared her recent speech from the AFR Business Awards, where she was crowned the Business person of the year.  The team listened intently to her important call for common sense to prevail, something that is urgently required across Australia and particularly as it effects Agriculture where there are already more than enough challenges to face in order to supply Australia with high quality, fresh and healthy food.

2023 has been a very busy year at Bannister Downs with the launch into the Singapore market at Little Farms, 3 overseas marketing trips with Mrs Rinehart, expansion into NSW and Canberra, numerous state and national awards and accolades for product quality excellence, and most recently the announcement of its Farm Fresh milk as the winner of the 2024 WA Good Food Guide Award for People’s Choice Product of the Year!  Having been voted as Australia’s Favourite Dairy product in 2022 at the Australian Grand Dairy Awards People’s Choice award, it is clear that there is something very special about Bannister Downs milk!

A research project commenced in 2022 by the Centre for Food Science & Nutrition at Murdoch University to establish the differences in the top milks in WA has scientifically confirmed that Bannister Downs Dairy’s Farm Fresh Milk has the highest nutritional benefits available.   These excellent nutritional results of Bannister Downs milk have since attracted the attention of elite high-performance athlete programs which has been the basis for Brand Ambassador, Kyle Chalmers OAM, coming onboard as well as the supply of fresh and flavoured milks into the Australian Rowing Team training facilities in NSW and the ACT and into artistic swimming, in West Australia, where its Olympic swimmers are based. 


VISY is Australia’s largest recycling company and partners with councils across Australia to process approximately 40 per cent of Australia’s kerbside recycling bins.  For more information on Visy’s integrated solutions view their website on

Bannister Downs is owned by the Daubney Family in partnership with HPPL, led by its Executive Chairman, Mrs Gina Rinehart AO, and their business relationship, spanning close to a decade, is strong due to their shared values, including around animal welfare, clean facilities and providing excellent produce.  There is solid alignment in values and the care of their cattle is paramount.  

The multi-award-winning milk products are all processed with milk fresh from the farm and the team take pride and care to achieve the highest quality products from farm to fridge.  Bannister Downs fresh milk is available throughout West Australia at Bunbury farmers market, in IGA’s, Coles, Woolworths and Independent retail stores and is the milk of choice for over 300 cafes and restaurants, in pursuit of excellence for their coffees and more.

The Northcliffe-based dairy was established in 1924 and has a long history of producing premium quality milk, available since 2005 under its family operated Bannister Downs Dairy brand which features a critically acclaimed range of single origin farm fresh milks, creams and flavoured milks. 

Following the establishment of the Bannister Downs Dairy brand in 2005, the Daubney family, seeking to grow their business further, were fortunate to be able to do this via a partnership with Gina Rinehart in 2014. The partnership has been very positive and has allowed for significant investment across all aspects of the Bannister Downs Dairy business, always with animal welfare, team well-being and product quality as shared priorities between the Daubney family, Mrs Rinehart and her team at Hancock Agriculture.  Bannister Downs Dairy remains a dedicated family farming business with a strong focus on excellence, and with all the added benefits of the genuine interest and experience in Australian agriculture that Mrs Rinehart brings, and the expertise and enthusiasm of the Hancock Agriculture team that she leads. 





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