Wonderful Win at the DIAA Dairy Awards (WA)

On Friday night Bannister Downs Dairy was awarded 9 Gold & Silver Medals and 3 Champion Titles at the DIAA State Dairy Product Awards.

It was an exciting evening and a great recognition of the hard work that our team takes each and every day, to bring the most delicious fresh dairy to the shelves.

Our flagship Farm Fresh Milk was awarded the Champion Milk from all milk categories and is a testament to its great flavour, texture and freshness which is enjoyed by so many milk lovers and discerning café barista’s.  Now in its 19th year of production, WA has become addicted to this wonderful milk with a noticeably real and delicious fresh flavour, clearly as too were the judges of this year’s DIAA competition!

For anyone who hasn’t tried our Double Cream, be careful as you will never look back once you experience the pure cream flavour and the silky texture which makes it the absolute perfect addition to any dessert for a five star result.  Understandably our Double Cream brought the Champion Cream trophy home to Northcliffe !

It was very fabulous to have our wonderful partner and friend, Mrs Gina Rinehart AO, cheering on Bannister Downs for the evening and particularly as the Champion Innovation Title was won by Bannister Downs Dairy because of her efforts and time to source the brilliant bottle we recently launched, made from existing plastics and produced by Visy Plastics   (Australia’s first food grade recycled plastics facility).  Bannister Downs is the first dairy in Australia to have adopted a 2L bottle that is made from 100% recycled plastics and is also fully recyclable once all the milk has gone. 

In addition to all the excitement of our wins, the fabulous fresh cheesemakers at La Delizia Latticini had a night of glory, winning 5 x Gold Medals for their fresh Italian cheeses, made entirely from Bannister Downs Dairy fresh milk.  Dom, Kirsty and their team sought out our fresh milk when they very first started their cheese production and have shown everyone in WA, what beautiful fresh products can be made for everyone to enjoy.  They have literally introduced WA to fresh Burrata and their heavenly hero product can be found on many menu’s or enjoyed at home available at almost every gourmet retail outlet.

The hardworking team The Butter People received medals for all of their artisan butter products.  You can taste all of the extra care that has gone into producing the most pure butter imaginable and proudly made from our very own fresh cream.

We congratulate and applaud these hard working producers making high quality products right here in WA and it is great to see their success.


DIAA (WA) Awards

Front row – Tad Watroba (Executive Director at Hancock Prospecting), Suzanne Daubney (Managing Director at Bannister Downs Dairy), Mrs Gina Rinehart AO (Chairman of Hancock Prospecting and Director at Bannister Downs Dairy), Mathew Daubney (Director at Bannister Downs Dairy)

Back row – Annalise, Campbell and Elizabeth Daubney

2 litre FF in Hay


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Mon, 04/15/2024 - 11:35

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Wonderful Win at the DIAA Dairy Awards (WA)On Friday night Bannister Downs Dairy was awarded 9 Gold & Silver Medals and 3 Champion Titles at the DIAA State Dairy Product Aw
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